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The most popular model for testing the printing quality of your 3d printer. 3DBenchy is just a small boat at first glance. In fact it is a real torture test that can bother even the best 3D printer. With 3DBenchy you can easily test stringing, bridges, overhangs and other aspects that affect 3D printing quality.

With 3DBenchy od Creative Tools you can easily calibrate the printer and slicer settings after only a few test prints of this amazing small ship.

printer settings: Rafts: No, Supports: No, Resolution: No, Infill: No
file size (MB): 11
file format: .STL
author homepage: Homepage of 3DBenchy author
download link: 3DBenchy download
licence: Creative Commons - Attribution - No Derivatives
author: CreativeTools
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# downloads: 81
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